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Suse's Kinder

Unique Baby Wearing Apparel



Suse's Kinder Fleece Jacket


This baby wearing fleece jacket is designed to allow for hip carriers as well as front and back carry's

Made of cozy but light 100% polyester fleece.

Is designed like the suseskinder deluxe fleece insert coat for front, side, or back babywearing,  and comes with 2 front inserts that also work for side wearing (one insert is for a spare or for wearing twins.)

sizing runs about 2 sizes larger then USA womens sizing.  Women get two sizes smaller then usual.  Runs about true to men's sizing.

The  fleece front zippers is positioned a little higher then before so when you do front carries, you do not zip the insert all the way up but leave it unzipped however much you need to allow for the baby's head and this will depend on the how high the baby rides which depends on the carrier you are using." target="_blank">Link to detailed independent blog user reveiw of the fleece jacket 

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