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Suse's Kinder

Unique Baby Wearing Apparel



Suse's Kinder Insulated Kids Mud Rain Pants


Just like our popular kids mud rain/pants made out of nylon with pu coating but with a added polyester fleece lining for cozy cold weather protection

Keep your kids warm and dry and clothes clean in all weather conditions. These are not the cheap plastic rainpants but made out durable nylon fabric.


Comes in red, flourescent yellow, black, yellow

Made out of PU coated nylon water proof Breathable fabric.

Snaps under the arms and elastic on the rear of the waist for a better fit

Heat Taped Seams

Heavy duty adjustable nylon shoulderstraps

Releasable front buckles

Removable foot straps

Sizes: 80 (age 2-3), 90 (3-4), 100 (4-5), 110 (5-6), 120 (6-7), 130 (7-9) cm


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