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Suse's Kinder

Unique Baby Wearing Apparel



Mamalilia All weather Jacket

$115.00 $214.00

(this is not a Suseskinder Product but a european designed jacket we distribute for Mamaliia)

The new on the market Mamalila Jacket is lightweight and conforms to your body and movement while providing all weather protection and German Styling and quality. Made of water and windproof Sympatex fabric which is elastic and highly breathable, the jacket is wonderfully comfortable to wear. The jacket also comes with a pregnancy insert for maternity wear. With the insert removed it is a stylish jacket for normal wear.

The drawcord on the child hood will be removed to follow USA safety standard which is different then European standard in this regard.

 We currently stock  gray in the fall version. and winter in the black.  the black has a lightweight insulative linin.(imported)   Made in China

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