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Suse's Kinder

Unique Baby Wearing Apparel


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Baby Wrap Blanet - Another Unique Suse's Kinder Product

This is a must have for any parent, but a babywearing parent shouldn't ever be without one!

A baby can be quickly packed up in a warm outfit without getting little hands, arms, feet, and legs through small tunnels of tight clothing, especially when baby is fuzzy. No more of that, just fold baby up in this baby wrap blanket and you are off. This is the most versatile babywrap blanket there is. Can be used in a car seat, stroller, swing, shopping cart, but we prefer to use it in our only means of transportation - the quality woven wraps (Storchenwiege being our first choice with Walter's Organic following, Hoppediz and Bebina get our vote as well.)

This baby wrap blanket is designed to be a blanket but also a little baby poncho. It features snaps on the top of the wrap blanket so the top of the blanket can be turned into a hood when it is cold or baby is still tiny. If the weather permits, the top is unsnapped and the hood folded down. The baby wrap blanket is a great all around blanket for baby and toddler.

This baby wrap blanket stays in place at all times and is the perfect addition to any parents baby item collection but a must have for the babywearer, even the fashion babywearer who only occasionally enjoys babywearing but are not die hard every day all day babywearer. For the die hard babywearer this baby wrap blanket is essential.

Very affordable and versatile!

Wondering how to use this?? See the instructions

Comes in 2 sizes. Infant - 6 month (up to a year without the hood option) and 1/2 year to 2 1/2 years (longer without the hood option)

I use it with my almost 2 year old and it is the best invention to have him be warm and out the door in seconds. You'll love it, especially if you have more children to get out the door.

In a jogging stroller, works great!

This works great for the car seat as well, just get baby bundled up in the house and hurry to the car. Baby will be snuggly warm while traveling. Great for shopping and running errands because baby can be left in the baby wrap blanket and situated right in baby sling or wrap. Put your Suse's Kinder poncho on top and you'll be toasty even in a blizzard.


➔ Practical

➔ Versatile

➔ Functional

➔ A simple blanket or

➔ a poncho or

➔ a cape with hood with a simple snap of a button

➔ Easy to use

➔ Easy care fleece

➔ works with all quality baby carriers, strollers, car seats, baby swings, high chairs, shopping carts, bike seats, and more

➔ Available in 2 sizes

Small - Newborn to 6 month (marked as Medium by accident) Large - 6 month to 2 ½ yrs