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Quality Toys

We are always looking for quality toys that will outlast our children, help them develop different skills, keep them active, and helps them have fun. Here are a few toys we have found. They are the perfect Christmas or Birthday gift or just to say you love 'em. Our children have used them pretty much every day for several years, they are made to last and to not get boring. Can't go wrong with any of them.

George - the bouncing horse!

This is one of the most loved toys in Europe. It can be bought anywhere and has actually become more popular than other inflatable horses that do not have the stable feet. I bought the blue horse in the picture used and we have been using it for quite a while. It is excellent quality. It is safer than other inflatable horses or hop balls because of the stability it offers.

Occupational therapist use this toy for vestibular stimulation, which stimulates the part of the brain where the language is stored. Children often get the swinging stimulation of the brain but lack the bouncing. George will help your child as a friend and toy to get wonderful brain stimulation, exercise, and hours of plain fun.

George fell prey to the new CPSIA regulations and is no longer sold. Please check this link to find a substitute for George. Rody is his friend. Rody horse